NMRA-DCC mini decoder for model railroad

I give my programs free under the GNU Licence (german translation from GNU Licence)

How can I burn a PIC?
Instructions from Lars Lundgren

Locomotiv decoder for iron core motor:
Definition file for RKDCC and TMWDCC
25v10.asm25v10.hex and CV's Calibration routine changed, information about OSCCAL in pdf file rong!
25v9.asm 24.02.2001 25v9.hex and CV's GPIO definition on top for easy change in/output pins
25v8.asm 14.06.2000 25v8.hex and CV's extra progbit
25v7.asm 20.02.2000 25v7.hex and CV's optimized version, never used code deleted
25v6.asm 29.11.1999 25v6.hex and CV's optimized for Intellibox and new cv2/cv5&cv6 routine
25v5.asm 10.09.1999 25v5.hex and CV's included: "on the main" programming
25v4.asm 15.08.1999 25v4.hex and CV's flickering firebox with automatic open/close lit directed from speed
25v3.asm 18.07.1999 25v3.hex and CV's lower 25us eliminated for better fault detection, tristate modus, calibrating at "1"
25v2.asm 07.05.1999 running at FREMO meeting in Braunschweig - wrong data packets
25v1.asm 30.04.1999 running at FREMO meeting in Ennigerloh
motor509.asm fixed adresses, not programmable

Function decoder with 5 output:
Definition file for RKDCC and TMWDCC
fdec.asm 20.10.1999 fdec.hex
Hardware and build description from Olliver Spannekrebs

Accessory decoder:
accdec.asmaccdec.hex Every pin direct programmable with 1k resistor from output pin to +5V
Files for Eagle layout software:
accdec.zip board and schematic
accdec, SMD with FDC6561AN dual N-channel mosfet
accdec_uln SMD with ULN2003A driver
accdec_dil, DIL with ULN2003A driver

Locomotiv decoder for core less motor:
motor_28.asm BUGFIX motor_28.hex PWM solved version, cv19 deactivated (in development mode)
pwm.inc include file
pwm.xls gives a better impression of the idea

Locomotiv decoder for stepper:
Flow chart
step22.asm 02.04.1999 step22.hex (in development mode)

step4.asm 07.07.1998
stepper.asm 02.04.1999

Helpful tools:
dccin.xls to build DCC-stimulus files
speed.xls two speed curves sum up to the stepper (marked yellow)
linspeed.xls you may use one speed curve for iron core motor

Other Files:
tle4207.pdf siemens 1A H-Bridge
tle5206.pdf siemens 5A H-Bridge

Source of supply: Electronic parts or complete sets of decoder you can order from Andreas Bergmann or Joachim Katzer (Web).